Workplace and Organizational Wellness

Learn effective techniques you can use at work and at home to unwind, to get out of your head, and to be a little more kind to yourself.

Who Can Meditate?

A meditation and mindfulness practice is for anyone who would like to develop or deepen a practice of self-connection.

The benefits of connecting with ourselves in a conscious way are vast; relaxation, stress management, self-love and acceptance, more patience and compassion, clearer decision making, increased creativity, healthier relationships etc.

What if I Can’t Stop Thinking?

Many people think they can't meditate; they can't stop thinking, they feel angry or sad, they can't do what the CD's or books tell them to, their bodies are restless, or they just can't make the time for it. That is completely normal and part of the process.

Meditation & Mindfulness coaching sessions will help you see how these "blocks" are part of the process and how to move through them with loving kindness.


What to Expect

Your first Meditation & Mindfulness lesson will involve an initial assessment of your starting point and goals. 

Whether you are new to meditation, or have been practicing for years, we will establish meditation techniques and a mindful approach to life that helps you. 

These sessions can also include guided meditation, where you lie on a massage table and are guided through a meditative process to help meet your goals. 



Balance - A unique blend of Reiki and Relaxation Meditation to activate your energy and find your centre, 3 Session Package ($270)

Better Sleep - A three stage process to help you unwind and learn to sleep better, 9 Session Package ($750) Learn more about my Better Sleep Program


Meditation and Mindfulness Private Lessons

$95 per session

$270 for three, one hour sessions

$499 for six, one hour sessions

All sessions take place at BAO Institute, 232 Guelph Street Georgetown. Please call (905) 783-8853 or email to book today.