Mindful Leaders

  • Village Montessori 533 Main Street Georgetown, ON L7G 3T1 Canada

Let's Calm Down Together

Mindful Leaders is an experiential workshop that empowers educators with skills to enhance their own self-regulation, self-awareness, and mental health.

During this three hour course you will learn the core routines of Relaxation Meditation; breath awareness, conscious breathing, body softening, nourishing thoughts, and how to apply them in a classroom setting.

You will learn how:

  • to shift energy in a classroom
  • to diffuse stressful and anxious situations
  • to set the tone for a calm and focused experience
  • to mindfully express intense emotions

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Mindful Leaders - Skills Training in Relaxation Meditation for Educators

Thursday March 23rd

1pm - 4pm

Village Montessori, Glen Williams

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