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Relaxation Meditation Training - Winter Program

  • The BAO Institute 232 Guelph Street Halton Hills, ON, L7G Canada (map)

Learn how your breathing can help you to relax, slow down your thoughts, manage pain, sleep well, and feel more balanced and grounded. 

This training program empowers you with an understanding of the connection between your breath and stress, and gives you strategies to use in your day to day life to help you feel less stressed and feel more connected to the people you are with and what you are doing.

This program is very helpful for people who have high stress levels and feel "they can't relax", as well as for people with chronic pain who are looking for empowering solutions. A participant in my last class said to me, "before this I never thought I could be pain free in my back". She is not yet completely free of pain, but has been able to reduce it and feel like there's something she can do to help herself.

Many people who come to my classes have a hard time putting themselves first and tend to look after everyone else instead of themselves. Through this program they have seen that when they are in a better place, so are the people they care about.

Over the nine week program I will guide you through the Relaxation Meditation process designed to transform a stressed/tense state to inner balance and calm. The weekly teachings and practice build upon each other so that by the end you are able to use the routine and strategies on your own.

It enabled me to embrace life by giving me the calmness and perspective that I needed to see people and things differently. Even what would have been stress in the past now becomes either insignificant or opportunity
— Tunde, Limehouse

This program is suitable for both new and experienced meditators. Many people who have been meditating on their own for years have found great benefit from my approach.

Come on your own for some me time, or with a friend for some we time.

9 Weekly Small Group Sessions
$225 + HST

Register now by calling (905) 877-0771, or in person at BAO Institute 232, Guelph Street Georgetown

Gift Certificates are available (consider asking for it as a Christmas gift).

Holiday Special Relaxation Meditation Training + one private Reiki/Meditation session = $275 (a $45 savings)

Later Event: March 23
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