Relaxation Meditation

Relaxation Meditation involves the practice of the following core routines;

  1. breath awareness and conscious breathing
  2. body awareness and softening
  3. thought watching and nourishing imagery

The outcomes of a Relaxation Meditation practice vary from person to person and evolve with time, but generally include;

  • feeling more present, focused and grounded,
  • having more patience for themselves and those they love
  • feeling more comfortable in their body
  • improved sleep
  • increased self-awareness and compassion
  • improved sense of self, confidence, and purpose


Relaxation Meditation workshops are suitable for everyone who wishes to learn effective coping strategies and skills. Children 12 and older are welcome to attend. Please check my schedule for upcoming opportunities including options for families and younger children.

The Mindful Leaders program brings the core routines of Relaxation Meditation to teachers, social workers, first responders and other leaders in our community.

Private sessions are also available for individuals, families, and organizations. 

Contact me to discuss how I can best support you, your family, business or organization.