“becoming present is an ongoing process of breathing through distraction and discomfort, and landing in the moment as the open, aware, and vulnerable being that I am. ” — Chantal Garneau

Whole Self

A whole self approach

How we experience, perceive and interact with the world is influenced by our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well being.


"Finding my place in the world is really about finding myself. Discovering what I need to thrive and blossom. Allowing myself to say no to what depletes me, and yes to what nourishes me.

It's listening to my body, my heart, my mind and my soul. And finding a way to mend my relationship with my self so I can trust again. 

The more I listen to and trust myself the more vitality flows through me, and my path becomes clear." - Chantal Garneau

experience and belief

Experience and Belief

What we believe affects how we think and what we think affects how we feel, and how we feel affects how we act. Our actions and experiences can affect what we believe. And the cycle continues. Changes in one part can shift our entire experience of life (for better or worse)


"The more present I am the more of the real me is here. I spent many years of my life hidden inside my mind. As I breathe through the traumas and pain that locked parts of myself away I feel a freedom and openness that gives me the courage to continue." - Chantal Garneau

Breath and Life

Breath and Life

Our breath is intimately linked to our life. How we breathe can give us clues to how we feel and changing our breath can change how we experience life.


"Our breath mirrors our feelings. When we are breathing long deep breaths we feel calm, centred, and relaxed. When we are stressed or anxious, our breathing is strained and difficult. A beautiful opportunity we have is to consciously change our breathing pattern and, in doing so, change our feelings and experience of life. As we deepen our breath, we deepen our connection to ourselves, others, and nature." - Chantal Garneau


Whether we feel it or not, we are all connected through the web of life. And all of our actions or inactions are being affected by and affecting the rest of life. We are not separate. 

"As I become more present I recognize the illusion of independence and control, and I become more comfortable with the unknown and more trusting in the web of life that supports each of us." - Chantal Garneau

Nature Connection

Being outside and attuning ourselves to the natural environment is deeply restorative. The more we can connect with the natural world the more we feel connected to ourselves, and our own true nature.

"Feeling the earth beneath my feet, wind blowing in my hair and sun warming my body I know I am alive. I know I am a part of nature. A part of an expansive eco-system. I feel a deep sense of connection and purpose and know I am not alone." - Chantal Garneau


All of creation is innately valuable. This includes each of us.

We can increase our sense of value and worth by trusting ourselves and making conscious choices. By pausing for a moment, and asking ourselves something like "is this good for me?" and making a choice in alignment with our answers we tell ourselves that what we need and what is good for us matters.

"I have a long term fear of people secretly hating me, and a pattern of pleasing others so they will love me.  Each time I share my true self and ask for what I need my fear of being alone, abandoned, and shunned melts and an expansive love fills my heart. Tears of pain become tears of joy." - Chantal Garneau