Mindful Leaders

Skills training in relaxation meditation

Mindful Leaders empowers helpers with effective self-care strategies to protect them against burnout, and tools to assist those they help.

If you work with people, or are a parent, you have most likely noticed how stress/anxiety/anger is seemingly contagious. It can spread like wild fire and often we find ourselves demanding others be calm when we ourselves are not.

Rather than operating from a top down approach where leaders demand self-regulation and self-awareness from others, Mindful Leaders learn how to model self-care and offer the opportunity to "calm down together".


1/2 Day Mindful Leaders Workshop

Learn the core routines of Relaxation Meditation;

  1. breath awareness and conscious breathing 
  2. body awareness and softening
  3. thought watching and nourishing imagery

as well as specific ways to apply and share the routines with those you work with and care for.

Suitable for: teachers, early childhood educators, mental health and social service workers, parents, correctional workers, etc

Cost: $99 per person, or $900 for up to 15 participants

Please contact me to book a workshop at your school, workplace or organization.


Chantal Garneau - Facilitator

Mindful Leaders and Relaxation Meditation are programs developed and facilitated by experienced meditation teacher Chantal Garneau.

Chantal embarked on a path of self-awareness as a young adult in hopes of surviving anxiety, depression and fibromylagia. After years of research and practice in meditation, energy medicine, Reiki, and self-help philosophies she established a series of core-routines that allow her to manage her symptoms and live a fulfilling life.

Over the last 14 years she has further refined these strategies through her work with clients young and old. In fall 2016, she launched a 9 week Relaxation Meditation program and is currently rolling out her Mindful Leaders program to empower “helpers” with effective self-care strategies to protect them against burnout, and adopt tools to assist those they help.

Chantal has a BA in French from the University of Guelph. She helped establish, facilitate, and train facilitators for a youth mental health promotion program in Halton and Peel. 

She is currently the chair of the Georgetown Farmers’ Market and is working to establish a non-profit Biodiversity Sanctuary.


Some of her experience

  • Self-Employed: Reiki Master, Meditation Facilitator, Intuitive Counsellor, since 2004
  • Trained talking circle facilitator
  • Georgetown Farmers' Market: Chair
  • Halton Peel Biodiversity Network: Founding board member
  • Georgetown Business Improvement Association: Board member and marketing coordinator 
  • Youth Net: Founding Board member, Facilitator, and Trainer - a youth based mental health promotion program aimed at decreasing stigma surrounding mental health and connecting youth with supportive resources in the community



  • The Right Way: Facilitator - a program by Save the Children Canada exploring rights, needs, and desires with youth in elementary, and high school settings
  • Halton Hills Mayor's Youth Action Committee: Founding member and President - giving youth a voice at the town level
  • University of Guelph: French major