"With a gentle presence and profound wisdom Chantal Garneau has listened to, taught, and guided 100's of people over the last twelve years as a Reiki Master and Meditation Teacher.
Her extensive awareness of spiritual philosophy and personal experience with chronic pain and mental health deepens her empathy and capacity to relate with others. 
Chantal is a caring person who wants others to know they are loved and important."

Mindful Leaders and Relaxation Meditation are programs developed and facilitated by experienced meditation teacher Chantal Garneau.

Chantal embarked on a path of self-awareness as a young adult in hopes of surviving anxiety, depression and fibromylagia. After years of research and practice in meditation, energy medicine, Reiki, and self-help philosophies she established a series of core-routines that allow her to manage her symptoms and live a fulfilling life.

Over the last 14 years she has further refined these strategies through her work with clients young and old. In fall 2016, she launched a 9 week Relaxation Meditation program and is currently rolling out her Mindful Leaders program to empower “helpers” with effective self-care strategies to protect them against burnout, and adopt tools to assist those they help.


Some of her experience

  • Self-Employed: Reiki Master, Meditation Facilitator, Intuitive Counsellor, since 2004
  • Trained talking circle facilitator
  • Georgetown Farmers' Market: Chair
  • Halton Peel Biodiversity Network: Founding board member
  • Georgetown Business Improvement Association: Board member and marketing coordinator 
  • Youth Net: Founding Board member, Facilitator, and Trainer - a youth based mental health promotion program aimed at decreasing stigma surrounding mental health and connecting youth with supportive resources in the community
  • The Right Way: Facilitator - a program by Save the Children Canada exploring rights, needs, and desires with youth in elementary, and high school settings
  • Halton Hills Mayor's Youth Action Committee: Founding member and President - giving youth a voice at the town level
  • University of Guelph: French major

Chantal Garneau, Reiki Master & Meditation Teacher, Georgetown ON


I'm Chantal and I love nature. Being outside, and feeling wind, rain or sunshine on my body is energizing. I dislike driving every day and creating garbage. I used to love reading books, especially pre-teen fantasy and anything that explores the nature of reality, but since becoming a mom I haven't had much time to read. I have renewed The Wisdom of No Escape by Pema Chodron 7 times from the library and I still haven't read it all.

I have two younger brothers whom I love and admire. We used to hang out a lot more when we were younger and I miss them now. My parents are great. Very supportive and loving.

My son is hilarious and inspiring. 

I love to have dance parties in my kitchen while doing dishes. I mostly listen to music from the 90's that I can sing to.

I worry that people secretly hate me.

Fall is my favourite season. The lighting, the colours, and the root vegetables nourish me.

I rebel against definitions and permanence. 

I value vulnerability and openness.

When I am not feeling grounded, I like to do quadratic equations. Yes. I enjoy doing math. It feels good to find an answer.

I joke that I don't trust people who never swear. It's only a little bit of a joke. I do think swearing is good (in certain times and places).

I like to learn and push my boundaries.

I cry and scream and swear and laugh and worry and hope and dream. 

I am alive and figuring how to best be here.