relax your mind, soften your body, and have a good sleep.

From my mid-teens to early 20's, I struggled to find good sleep. Not being able to fall asleep, especially when you're tired, is horrible. It's hard for people who sleep well to understand.

I was exhausted, but remained awake. Sometimes it felt as if I rested, but only 30 min would have passed. I removed the clock from my room, to ease my frustration.

I had swirling thoughts; replaying conversations I had earlier in the day, anticipating what I would say the next day. I wanted so desperately to hit pause and sleep, but I couldn't.

My body hurt. I suffered from migraine headaches and chronic body pain (Fibromyalgia). Sometimes, when successful at drifting to sleep, body pain from the position I was in woke me. I moved, and restarted the process.

Often, I fell into a good sleep around 6:30 am. This meant a choice between sleeping or going to school. I missed a lot of school. And I slept through many days.

I went for sleep studies. I tried not eating after certain times, not doing anything stimulating before bed, and drinking extra water. I tried a schedule of waking up at the same time even if I hadn't slept. Eventually, I took anti-depressants. They did help a little bit, but, I knew it wasn't the final answer.

My mom's friend leant me a book of guided chakra meditations. This changed my life.

I continued to learn more about meditation, chakras and Reiki. I spent years researching and testing different philosophies and strategies, until I discovered some highly effective ways to release stored energy from my body, allowing me to rest.

Today it's hard to feel as if that was really me. My pain is gone. I still get occasional headaches when pressure changes, but my fibromyalgia pain and weekly migraines are a distant memory. And, I fall asleep easily, sleeping through the night - mostly - having a son seven years ago shifted my sleep a bit ;)

I know so many people suffer in the same ways that I did. I hope by sharing what I've learned, I can help those people get better sleep. 

With better sleep, comes a better quality of life.



So what did I learn?

Our breath is powerful. POWERFUL. And most of us have no idea how to harness that power. It was 10 years into my study of meditation and energy fields that I really understood the true power of our breath.

Imagine stubbing your toe. Notice that you stop breathing and your body lifts up towards your head. Shoulders raise, body tenses. Now imagine other times in your life that you've felt that way (could be anything from seeing someone fall, to car accidents, to getting bad news, to holding back tears). There are so many times in our lives where we hold our breath and tense up.


Now, my guess is that if you are having a hard time sleeping you are very familiar with a tense body and shallow breathing. 

When we tense up and stop breathing it's like we take an elevator ride up into our heads. Most of us don't know we are doing that, nor do we know how to get back down.

Through my own experience and working with 100's of clients, I found certain breathing patterns and Reiki treatments help people come back down and into their bodies where they can relax - and then sleep.


The Better Sleep Program

The Better Sleep Program includes 9 - one hour private sessions, a meditation CD for use at home, and a Breathing Journal.

Relax (3 sessions)

The first phase is all about relaxation.  

You will experience the melting away of layers of stress during three Reiki sessions specifically intended to soften and release built up tightness and tension. 

The Reiki sessions will help bring you out of your head and into your body. 

Breathe (3 sessions)

The next phase you get more actively involved. While receiving Reiki treatments I will guide you through the breathing patterns that are most helpful for relaxing the body and mind.

You will experience the power you have to bring calm into your life.

Empower (3 sessions)

You are now in the driver's seat. You will learn and practice a nightly routine for releasing accumulated daily stress and relaxing your body in preparation for good sleep.

You will leave feeling empowered to bring good sleep into your life.

Throughout the 9-week program you will listen to the Calm meditation CD provided for at least 10 minutes each evening, and use your Breathing Journal to record any changes in your breath you notice through your day. At the beginning of each session, we will review your journal together and address some of your observations in the session.



The Better Sleep Program is for You if:

  • You want better sleep

  • You often feel stuck in your head

  • You sometimes take on too much, or have a hard time saying no

  • You feel overwhelmed in social situations

  • You have one hour a week and 1/2 an hour a day to commit to the process

  • You are open minded and willing to try new things

  • You feel better sleep is a possibility and a process you are willing to invest in

  • You value your well being


It is NOT for you if:

  • You don't have time to invest in the process at home

  • You are looking for medical or psychiatric care

  • You want instant results

  • You want someone to fix you



What to Expect

You will start by booking a daytime, evening or weekend appointment at my Georgetown ON office located at the BAO Institute for Healthy Living. You have the choice to book and pay online, by phone, or in person. 

Upon arrival for your appointment I will meet you in the lobby of the BAO Institute and we will walk together to my office.

You will notice that my office is a relaxing environment. I will answer any questions you may have and explain to you what is involved with the first section of the Better Sleep Program. I will show you my massage table and invite you to lie on it (fully clothed) and give you a choice of a heavy, light, or no blanket and the choice of pillows under your head and legs. I will explain that Reiki involves encouraging the flow of life force energy (chi) throughout your body, and that I will be either touching you lightly or hovering my hands above your body. I will explain that I understand this may seem strange and that people have varied responses to it. Some people can feel the energy moving through their bodies, some may feel heat or cold, others see colours and some people fall asleep. I will explain that all sensations are okay, and that I generally remain quiet during the entire session that will be about 45 minutes long. If during that time you have any questions or discomfort I encourage you to speak to me. 

I will let you know when your Reiki treatment is complete.  Then we will talk a little about your experience. I will give you my Calm Meditation CD and your breathing journal and explain how to use them.

We will set up your next appointments. You will go home and do your "homework" for the week - listening to at least 10 minutes of the CD and writing a daily breath journal (I will explain what to do).

After your first session, you may feel like layers of stress and tension have melted away. You may feel emotions coming to the surface. You may feel energized or tired. Some people instantly notice a difference while it takes a couple sessions for others. 



Why choose the Better Sleep Program?

Better quality of life - more patience with loved ones, more energy for activities, better problem solving. When you are sleeping well you are able to be more present - more of you can show up.

Mental space - what I noticed most is that I didn't spend the days worried about going to bed at night. This freed up a lot of space in my mind for things I enjoyed.

New experiences - Having proper rest has allowed me to feel excited about new things in my life and to take on challenges and opportunities that I wouldn't have had the energy for in the past.

Lifelong skills - learning how to relax your body and calm your mind is helpful in so many situations (stressful workplace, demanding family life, illnesses etc).

Sharing - once you learn how to relax your mind and body you can share the strategies with your family, friends, co-workers. I encourage you to share openly. The more people who use these strategies, the better our world will be.



When should you start?

Tricky question. Your schedule needs to be open enough so that you have time for a weekly one hour appointment for 9 consecutive weeks (if we skip a week that's ok, but it will work best when the appointments are close together). You also need to have at least 1/2 an hour of time each day for your homework.

So you could wait until your schedule clears up (which may never happen), or you can choose a start date and make this time a priority.

You know what's best for you.

Something to consider: I am only seeing clients 2 days a week. So you may want to book ahead to ensure you get a time that works well for you.



Your investment

The Better Sleep Program includes:

9- one hour private sessions ($95 each)

1 - Calm Meditation CD ($18)

1 - Breathing Journal ($7)

Total: $880

Your cost: $750 (a savings of $130, or approximately 15%)

BONUS: A complimentary 1/2 hour initial consultation. You may want to meet with me first to see if we're a good fit in person, to ask me some questions about the program and to discuss payment options. I am happy to offer you this opportunity.

My Guarantee: The Better Sleep Program may be exactly what you need, but maybe it's not, and I want to make it easier for you to find out if it is. Here's my offer: if after completing three weeks of the program you don't feel any more relaxed than when you started, I will refund your money. No hard feelings.



Get Started

Your first step is to book an initial consultation. This is a no risk - see if we fit, learn a bit more kind of a meeting.

To book your initial consultation please call me at (905) 783-8853 or email

Please remember that I am only seeing clients 2 days a week. I recommend booking ahead to make sure you get a time that works well for you.



May you experience the restorative power of good sleep.