you belong and contribute
Chantal Garneau - meditation teacher and Reiki Master Georgetown Ontario

Forest Meditation and Reiki can help you relax, recharge and find your place in the world.


A forest is a healthy community. Where all life has value, and where the whole supports the health and well being of each part.

Many moons ago your ancestors lived in communities like this and there are still a few intact societies around the globe.

Right now though you probably exist more like an uprooted tree. Feeling separate from a community and searching for your place. Likely feeling like something is missing, a sense of vitality, purpose, or space to be you. It is very hard to feel like you have “enough” when your roots are out of the ground.

Forest Meditation offers a pathway to reconnect with yourself, to be nourished on a deep level and to feel like you belong and contribute to the web of life.



Relaxation Meditation

A set of core routines that facilitate freedom from tension and anxiety.


Mindful Leaders

Skills training for educators, parents, social service & mental health workers.


A hands on approach to overall health and wellness.


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Meditate at home with Calm.

Practice Relaxation one track at a time.

"Calm" is a guided relaxation process created by Chantal that unlocks stress, tension, and worry. Follow along and start to relax, breathe deeply, and feel calm.

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The "Calm" process is intended to provide you with the basic strategy and framework for a home based meditation and relaxation practice.

Enjoy the whole CD at once or each track individually.

Calm - Guided Meditation CD
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