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Open your senses, settle your mind and breathe. 

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Mindfulness and Reiki Better Sleep Program

Better Sleep

Relax Your Mind, Soften Your Body, And Have A Good Sleep.


Mindful Self Care

Workplace and organizational wellness. Talks, training, and program development.



Feel stress melt away, your body relax, and vitality flow through you.


Meditate at home with Calm.

Practice Relaxation one track at a time.

"Calm" is a guided relaxation process created by Chantal that unlocks stress, tension, and worry. Follow along and start to relax, breathe deeply, and feel calm.

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The "Calm" process is intended to provide you with the basic strategy and framework for a home based meditation and relaxation practice.

Enjoy the whole CD at once or each track individually.

Calm - Guided Meditation CD

"my daughter was so anxious last night. I played your album for her and she fell asleep within 15 minutes"

"it's so much easier for me to have my own meditation practice after following along with your CALM CD"

"my special needs class at school listens to your CD every day. I didn't think they'd have the attention span for it, but they do. Now they are asking for it".